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LISTENING: You will hear each text three times. The first time, only listen

TIME: 3 hours TOTAL MARKS: 70
This paper has 8 pages.
LISTENING: You will hear each text three times. The first time, only listen;
the second time write; the third time check your work.
When the tape finishes, write your answers on your answer paper.
LISTENING 1 (Items 1 – 6)
You will hear a conversation between two people. Listen, and for each item, choose
the correct option: A, B or C.
1. The man works in the __________ Department.
A. Sales B. Research C. Production
2. They agree to meet on __________.
A. Saturday B. Monday C. Wednesday
3. The woman has been with the company for two __________.
A. weeks B. months C. years
4. Her first day at work was very _________.
A. difficult B. exciting C. embarrassing
5. The man talks about losing __________.
A. some money B. his mobile phone C. a file
6. Their boss is __________.
A. kind B. rude C. shy
LISTENING 2 (Items 7 – 11)
You will hear a talk about an interesting place to visit. Listen, and for each question,
write a short answer (not more than TWO WORDS).
7. Where is the 'Land of Jars'? — In South-East ___________________
8. What are the jars made of? — ___________________
9. How old are they? — ___________________ years
10. What was kept in them? — ___________________
11. What is the best way to travel to the ‘Land of Jars’? — ___________________
Certificate for General Education page 2
Semester One, First Session, 2006 – 2007
LISTENING 3 (Items 12 – 15]
You will hear four people speaking. Who are they? For each speaker,
choose ONE of the items in the box. Write A, B, C, etc, as in the example.
Example: “Now students. Who can tell me the
correct answer to number five?”. ___F___
12. (1) ________
13. (2) ________
14. (3) ________
15. (4) ________
a guard
a salesman
a mechanic
an editor
a teenager
a teacher
an old man
VOCABULARY 1 (Items 1 – 5)
Complete the text. Use five of the words in the box. Write ONE word in each space.
(There are three extra words in the box.)
check choose guess give
interview invent say tell
Your task is to (1) ______________ a presentation about a country which is popular
with tourists. You can (2) ______________ any country in the world. Make sure you
research the topic carefully and (3) _____________ that all your information is correct.
If possible, find some people who have visited the country and (4) ______________
them. Ask them to (5) ______________ you what they liked or disliked about the place.
Write your answers on your answer paper.
Certificate for General Education page 3
Semester One, First Session, 2006 – 2007
VOCABULARY 2 (Items 6 – 10)
Match the definitions with the words in the box. Write A, B, C, etc, as in the example.
(There are five extra words in the box.)
Example: When something makes the
environment dirty or dangerous. ___F___ A permission
6. When a group of people talk seriously about
something. _______
B discussion
C tradition
7. When a writer changes a text from one
language to another. _______
D invention
E protection
8. When a parent, teacher, boss, etc, allows you to
do something. _______
F pollution
G graduation
9. When a student successfully finishes school or
university. _______
H application
I explosion
10. When a farmer uses water to help crops to
grow. _______
J translation
K irrigation
VOCABULARY 3 (Items 11 – 15)
Complete the unfinished word in each sentence.
You are given the first letter(s) of each word. Write the whole word
in your Answer Book. Make sure you spell the word correctly.
Example: Your hands are d_irty___. Go and wash them!
11. “It’s getting d______________ . Why don’t you switch the light on?”
12. “It’s a small fl______________ with only one bedroom, but I like living there.”
13. It took them three weeks to sail across the oc______________ to America.
14. (Mother to child) “Ho______________ my hand when we cross the road.”
15. The newspaper decided not to pub______________ the article.
Write your answers on your answer paper.
Certificate for General Education page 4
Semester One, First Session, 2006 – 2007
GRAMMAR 1 (Items 1 – 5)
Complete the text. Use five of the words in the box. Write ONE word in each space.
(There are three extra words in the box.)
a an been bought buy is the was
As you know, I’ve always (1) ______________ interested in stamps. This is
(2) _______________ most valuable stamp in my collection. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?
I (3) ___________ it ten years ago from (4) ___________ small shop in London.
It (5) ___________ printed in 1935 and is worth over five thousand rials.
GRAMMAR 2 (Items 6 – 10)
Complete each sentence. Choose the correct option: A, B, C or D.
6. Moscow is now even more expensive ___________ London.
A. as B. than C. with D. so
7. The fish ___________ he caught weighed five kilos.
A. one B. who C. when D. that
8. ___________ you watch the match last night?
A. Do B. Have C. Did D. Were
9. I can’t find ___________ mistakes in your article.
A. any B. some C. a lot D. much
10. We arrived home ___________ midnight.
A. to B. on C. at D. in
GRAMMAR 3 (Items 11 – 15)
Complete the dialogue. In each space, write ONE WORD only.
Speaker A: Hi, Salim! What (11) ____________ you doing here?
Speaker B: I’m waiting (12) ____________ my uncle. We arranged
(13) ___________ meet here at seven o’clock.
Speaker A: But it’s already twenty past! (14) ____________ you
tried to call him?
Speaker B: No, the battery on my phone is dead.
Speaker A: So (15) ____________ don’t you borrow mine? Here you are!
Write your answers on your answer paper.
Certificate for General Education page 5
Semester One, First Session, 2006 – 2007
READING 1 (Items 1 – 6)
Match the six texts on the left with the texts in the box.
Write A, B, C, etc, as in the example. (There are three extra texts in the box.)
Ex. It’s a really beautiful place. ___F___
1. Europeans think that it is
rude to ask people personal
questions. ______
A So when I called and she didn’t
answer, I knew that something was
2. I always phone my mother
at 6 p.m. on Saturday, to
make sure that she’s OK. ______
B Sometimes we had to walk for hours
before we could find enough to light a
small fire.
3. The Lado River in Argentina
is the most polluted waterway
in the world. ______
C The national telephone company is
planning to reduce the cost of making
international calls.
4. I remember, as a child,
going out every day with
my mother to collect wood. ______
D For this reason, you should avoid
asking them if they are married or
have any children.
5. Ahmed has just bought
some land in the northern
part of the town. ______
E His mother usually looks after the
children while he and his wife are
away on holiday.
6. (headline): ‘Research gives
hope to sick children’. ______
F Every year, thousands of tourists go
there for their holidays.
G No fish have lived in it for years, and
anybody going for a swim is likely to
become seriously ill.
H We spent a very pleasant day down
by the river, having a picnic and
playing in the water.
I Japanese scientists announced today
the discovery of a possible cure for
J If he can save enough money, he is
hoping to build a house on it before
he gets married.
Write your answers on your answer paper.
Certificate for General Education page 6
Semester One, First Session, 2006 – 2007
READING 2 (Items 7 – 12)
Read each text. Then, write ONE WORD only to complete the answer.
Diego and Maria got married in the spring of 1995, and the following year they had
their first child, a beautiful boy who they decided to call Miguel. Then, in 1998, the
family moved to Mexico City.
7. Their son was born in ______________. (year)
Dear Khalid, I have a problem. My car needs some urgent repairs, but the trouble is,
it’s going to be very expensive. Can you help me? Sorry to ask, but I’ll pay you back
at the end of the month. I promise! Best wishes, Issa
8. Issa asks Khalid for some _____________.
After breaking my leg in the match against Germany, my career was over. I still
remember the doctor saying: “I’m sorry, but you’ll never kick a ball again.” In those
few words, all my hopes were destroyed.
9. The writer is a ______________. (job)
My parents are very different from each other. My father is very patient and always
encourages me, but my mother is always telling me what I’ve done wrong. I know she
loves me, but I wish she wasn’t so hard on me all the time.
10. The writer has a problem with her ____________.
I drove from Singapore to Penang in Malaysia, where I spent two enjoyable weeks.
Then I decided to drive north into Thailand, but, in fact, I never got there. Just before
reaching the border, I crashed the car, and spent the rest of my holiday in hospital!
11. The accident happened in ________________. (country)
The ancient people of Wales used to go out fishing on the river in small coracles.
These tiny vessels were made of animal skin and were only big enough for one person.
In fact, they were so light that a man could easily carry one on his back.
12. A ‘coracle’ is a kind of _______________.
Write your answers on your answer paper.
Certificate for General Education page 7
Semester One, First Session, 2006 – 2007
READING 3 (Items 13 – 20)
Read the text. Then, for each item, choose the correct option: A, B or C.
I was under a lot of stress. My company wasn’t doing well; sales were down by
25%. So my wife suggested a one-week holiday in Italy, and I agreed. We stayed
in an old house in the mountains. Everything was perfect. But, on the third day, my
wife wasn’t feeling well, so I offered to go to the pharmacy in the nearest village. It
was four o’clock in the afternoon, and I said to her, “I’ll be back in half an hour.”
I got into the car and drove down into the valley. It was winter, but road conditions
were good. I wasn’t sure of the way, so I put a map on the seat beside me. When I
came to a crossroads not far from the village, I looked down at the map. I only
took my eyes off the road for two seconds, but when I looked up, I was on the
wrong side of the road and there was a car coming straight at me! I braked hard
and turned sharply to the right, but it was too late. My car slid off the road and
down a steep slope. Fortunately, its fall was stopped by a large tree.
When I woke up, it was already dark. I looked at my watch and saw that it was
just after midnight. I had a terrible headache, and when I looked in the mirror, I
could see that my face was covered with blood. But otherwise I seemed to be OK.
I found my mobile phone, but it had been badly damaged in the accident. So I
climbed back up to the road and started walking towards the village. There weren’t
any cars on the road at that time of night, so I had to walk all the way. Finally, I
reached a petrol station, and the owner very kindly took me to the hospital.
All the time, my wife was getting more and more worried. She called my number
again and again, but of course my phone wasn’t working. Finally, at two o’clock in
the morning, she decided to call the police. But before she could do that, her phone
rang — it was me, still alive! Her first words were: “You call this ‘half an hour’?”
13. The writer is ___________.
A. an architect B. a doctor C. a businessman
14. He drove to the village to buy some ___________ .
A. medicine B. petrol C. food
15. His car hit __________.
A. another car B. a tree C. a wall
16. The accident was caused by ____________.
A. ice on the road B. careless driving C. an animal crossing the road
17. ____________ stopped to help him.
A. Another driver B. The police C. Nobody
18. He woke up _____________ later.
A. half an hour B. four hours C. eight hours
19. In the accident, he hurt his _____________.
A. leg B. head C. back
20. At the end, ____________.
A. he phoned his wife B. his wife phoned him C. his wife phoned the police
Certificate for General Education page 8
Semester One, First Session, 2006 – 2007
Describe and comment on the picture. Write 20 – 30 words.
Write a PARAGRAPH about a bird called the ostrich. Use ALL the information in the
box. Your paragraph should be correct and well-organised.
The Ostrich
run fast/ 70 kph meat/ delicious/ healthy
legs: long/ powerful largest bird/ world
dry regions/ Africa food: plants/ seeds
popular/ restaurants eggs/ huge/ 1.5 kilos
small wings/ cannot fly
Write at least 100 words on the following topic:
What would you like to do?
(a) work for the government;
(b) work for a private company;
(c) start your own business;
(d) stay at home.
Choose ONE option and give your reasons.
Your writing should be clear, lively and interesting.
Write your answers on your answer paper.
Man Samira?
Woman Yes?
Man Hi, I'm Ahmed, from the Research Department.
Woman Yes, I know. We're going to be working together on the same project.
Man Yes, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. When can we have our first meeting?
Would Saturday morning be alright?
Woman No, I’m sorry, I’ll be busy all day. The Sales Department is giving a workshop.
How about Monday? Nine o'clock?
Man That’d be fine.
Woman Good. You know, to be honest, I'm rather nervous about this project. I've only
been here for two weeks.
Man And how has it been so far?
Woman Well, it’s OK now, but my first day was a bit of a disaster!
Man Why? What happened?
Woman Anyway, I arrived and was walking across the car park. It was raining heavily, and
a car went past and splashed water all over my new dress! I was so angry. I shouted
at the driver — and called him one or two names.
Man Oh dear!
Woman Anyway, half an hour later, I went to see the boss in his office — it was the first
time I’d met him — and it was the same man I’d shouted at in the car park! I was
so embarrassed!
Man Did he say anything about it?
Woman No. He just smiled, welcomed me to the company, and so on. As if nothing had
Man Yeah, he’s a nice guy, actually. He probably thought it was all rather funny.
Anyway, it’s not as bad as what I did just after I came here two years ago.
Woman What was that then?
Man I lost a file full of important documents.
Woman I bet the boss didn’t think that was very funny.
Man No, but he didn’t get angry or anything. He just, very calmly, told me to go away
and find it.
Woman And did you?
Man Yes, the next day, right under my desk! Anyway, must go. See you on Monday.
Woman Yeah, see you then.
Laos is a small country in South-East Asia with a population of six million. In the north of this remote
country, there is a very unusual place known as the ‘Land of Jars’. This name comes from the large
stone jars that can be seen in the fields there. There are thousands of these jars, which are between one
and three metres tall and weigh as much as ten tonnes. Archaeologists agree that the jars are about two
thousand years old, but they are not sure what exactly they were used for. The most popular idea is that
they were filled with water. This water was used for drinking, washing and cooking by travellers
passing through the area. The ‘Land of Jars’ is a wonderful place, but not many tourists go there. There
aren’t any good roads from the capital city, Vientiane, so the only way to get there is by plane. But, be
warned, it is a rather dangerous flight — the local airfield is surrounded by mountains, and it isn’t very
1. “This machine is the best on the market. It washes and dries your clothes perfectly, and it has all
the latest features. And it has a five-year guarantee.” (M)
2. “The trouble with teenagers today is, they never listen to their parents. When I was young, and my
father told me to do something, I did it.” (M)
2. “I’m afraid you’ll have to re-write this article. Some parts of it aren’t clear, especially the second
paragraph. And don’t forget, I need to have it by ten o’clock this evening.” (M)
4. “Excuse me, where do you think you’re going? Can I see your identity card, please? And I’ll have
to check your bag as well.” (M)

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