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Listen, and for each question, write a short answer

TIME: 3 hours TOTAL MARKS: 70
This paper has 8 pages.
LISTENING: You will hear each text three times. The first time, only listen;
the second time write; the third time check your work.
When the tape finishes, write your answers on your answer paper.
LISTENING 1 (Items 1 – 6)
You will hear a conversation between two teachers.
Listen, and for each item, choose the correct option: A, B or C.
1. The school wants to raise money for __________ children.
A. poor B. handicapped C. sick
2. The event will be held on _____________.
A. Tuesday B. Wednesday C. Thursday
3. The man got the news about the weather from the __________.
A. radio B. newspaper C. Internet
4. If it rains, there will be no __________ competition.
A. basketball B. table tennis C. football
5. They hope to make a lot of money from selling __________.
A. books B. toys C. food
6. The woman thinks that __________ people will come to the event.
A. 300 B. 500 C. 1,000
LISTENING 2 (Items 7 – 11)
You will hear someone talking about music.
Listen, and for each question, write a short answer (ONE or TWO WORDS only).
7. When did she have her first music lessons? At the age of __________________
8. Why did she stop? Because of ___________________
9. What instrument does she play now? ___________________
10. Who is teaching her? ___________________
11. What is her favourite song? “Journey to ___________________”
Write your answers on your answer paper.
Grade 12, English Language ‘B’ page 2
Semester Two, First Session, 2008 – 2009
LISTENING 3 (Items 12 – 15]
You will hear four people speaking. Who are they? For each text,
choose ONE of the items in the box. Write A, B, C, etc, as in the example.
Example: “Now students. Who can tell me
the answer to number five?” __F_____
12. (1) ________
13. (2) ________
14. (3) ________
15. (4) ________
a teenager
a sailor
a policeman
a receptionist
an inventor
a teacher
an architect
VOCABULARY 1 (Items 1 – 5)
Complete the text. Use five of the words in the box. Write ONE word in each space.
(There are three extra words in the box.)
cabin captain cargo crew
navigation port weather voyage
“Right, men! Your attention, please! This is your (1) ____________ speaking.
Our (2) _____________ will begin tomorrow morning. We will sail out of the
(3) _____________ at six o’clock in the morning. We will be carrying a
(4) ______________ of wood, paper and gas, so no smoking is allowed anywhere
on the ship. If (5) _____________ conditions are good, we will arrive in Lisbon on
18 October.”
Write your answers on your answer paper.
Grade 12, English Language ‘B’ page 3
Semester Two, First Session, 2008 – 2009
VOCABULARY 2 (Items 6 – 10)
Complete each sentence/short text. Choose the correct option: A, B, C or D.
6. “I have to go out for a while. Can you look _____________ the children, please?
A. for B. after C. at D. forward
7. “Our team will play _____________ Germany in the final.”
A. across B. above C. along D. against
8. “The restaurant promised to _____________ the pizza to our house in half an hour.”
A. deliver B. collect C. order D. return
9. During the fire, several gas bottles _____________, making a terrible noise.”
A. escaped B. evaporated C. employed D. exploded
10. If you read the ___________ on the tin, you’ll find a list of all the contents.
A. article B. label C. message D. brochure
VOCABULARY 3 (Items 11 – 15)
For each item, read the definition and write the word in the space provided.
You are given the first letter(s) of the word. Make sure you spell the word correctly.
Example: ___kitchen ___ (noun) a room where food is prepared and cooked
e.g. They keep the fridge in the kit…………
11. ____________ (adjective) easy to understand; easy to do
e.g. The story was written in si............ English.
12. ____________ (noun) a person who shows tourists where to go
e.g. The gu............. told us about the history of the fort.
13. ____________ (verb) to destroy something with fire or heat
e.g. Take all this rubbish outside and b............ it!
14. ____________ (verb) to come or go into a place
e.g. You should never en........... this room without knocking.
15. ____________ (adjective) unhappy and disappointed
e.g. They were very up........... when we refused to help them.
Write your answers on your answer paper.
Grade 12, English Language ‘B’ page 4
Semester Two, First Session, 2008 – 2009
GRAMMAR 1 (Items 1 – 5)
Complete the dialogue. For each space, choose the correct option: A, B, C or D.
Speaker A: I had (1) ______________ yesterday.
Speaker B: Why? What (2) ___________?
Speaker A: I (3) ___________ home from work when my car broke down.
Speaker B: So what (4) __________?
Speaker A: I tried to call for help, (5) __________ I couldn’t, because the battery on my
mobile phone was dead!
1. A. the bad day B. some bad day C. bad day D. a bad day
2. A. happens B. has happened C. happened D. was happening
3. A. was driving B. drove C. ‘ve driven D. drive
4. A. were you doing B. have you done C. do you do D. did you do
5. A. or B. so C. but D. if
GRAMMAR 2 (Items 6 – 10)
Complete each sentence with ONE WORD only.
6. He was born on the same day __________ me.
7. I don’t know __________ scored the winning goal.
8. He’s been working here ________ 2003.
9. I used __________ live in Sohar, but last year I moved to Muscat.
10. Don’t put too __________ sugar in my coffee!
GRAMMAR 3 (Items 11 – 15)
Look at the sentences. If the sentence is correct, put a tick (  ).
If the sentence is not correct, write it correctly.
Do not change the meaning of the sentence.
Examples: Ahmed is a nice man. _______________________
Salma are a nice woman. __ Salma is a nice woman.______
11. She doesn’t eat meat. _______________________________________________
12. If I feel ill tomorrow, I
won’t come to work. _______________________________________________
13. They’re getting married
on August. _______________________________________________
14. It will only take a few
minute. _______________________________________________
15. Can you tell me where is
the bank? _______________________________________________
Grade 12, English Language ‘B’ page 5
Semester Two, First Session, 2008 – 2009
READING 1 (Items 1 – 6)
Match the six cues on the left with the responses in the box.
Write A, B, C, etc, as in the example. (There are three extra responses.)
e.g She’s a hotel receptionist. __H__
A “Yes, yes, everything’s here. Don’t
worry. I’ll call you as soon as I
1. “Excuse me, can I have fish
soup and a bowl of rice,
B “The factory has been making footwear
for over fifty years. Our shoes
are famous for their high quality.”
2. “Could you please describe the
items that were stolen from
your flat?”
C “I’m sorry, sir. It’s five past three,
and the kitchen’s already closed.”
3. “Good morning. I’d like to speak
to Mrs Jackson, please. It’s
about my daughter.”
D “Yes, of course. Three diamond
rings, a gold watch and some cash:
about 300 rials, I think.”
4. “Someone’s just told me that
you’re leaving the company.
Is that right?”
E “We are about to land at Heathrow
Airport. Could passengers please
return to their seats?”
5. “Now, these shoes are very
nice. They’ve just arrived.
Would you like to try them on?”
F “I’m sorry, she’s teaching at the
moment. But she will be free at
6. “Take care and have a safe
journey. Have you got your
passport? And your ticket?”
G “He was short and rather overweight,
and he was wearing jeans
and a black T-shirt.”
H No, she isn’t! She works in a bank.
I “Yes, it is. I’ve really enjoyed
working here, but you see, I’ve had
a really good offer.”
J “Yes, but I don’t like yellow. Have
you got any other colours? Blue,
Write your answers on your answer paper.
Grade 12, English Language ‘B’ page 6
Semester Two, First Session, 2008 – 2009
READING 2 (Items 7 – 12)
Read the following two e-mails. Then, for each item, Choose the correct option: A, B or C.
Text 1
Hi Kevin,
What’s wrong? Didn’t you receive the message I sent you a month ago, asking you to
send me some information about environmental problems in Australia. Our teacher
wants each of us to do a project about a different country. The problem is, the deadline
is next Wednesday, and I haven’t even started yet!
I’m very disappointed that you haven’t replied. Don’t you want to be my pen friend
any more!?
Yours, Ahmed
7. Ahmed has received no messages from Kevin for _____________.
A. a week B. two weeks C. four weeks
8. He wants Kevin to help him with a project about _____________.
A. history B. the environment C. sport
9. He is _____________.
A. excited B. angry C. calm
Text 2
Hi Ahmed,
I’m sorry I haven’t written for such a long time, but I had a good reason!
Maybe you haven’t been watching the news on TV, but we’ve been having some serious
“environmental problems” in Australia recently! It hasn’t rained here for months, and
this has caused huge forest fires which have destroyed thousands of homes and killed
more than two hundred people.
We were lucky. When the fire came near our house, the police told us to leave. We had
to move quickly, and I left everything behind, including my computer! Fortunately, the
wind then changed direction, and only the roof of our house was damaged. When I got
back, my room was in a mess because of all the water used by the firemen, especially
the files where I keep all my photos. But my computer was OK, so I saw your message.
Anyway, good luck with the project. I’ll send you something if I can!
Best wishes, Kevin
10. Kevin didn’t reply sooner because he _____________.
A. was in hospital B. he didn’t feel like
C. couldn’t use his
11. His house was _____________ by the fire.
A. damaged B. destroyed C. untouched
12. In the fire, he lost his _____________.
A. computer B. camera C. photos
Grade 12, English Language ‘B’ page 7
Semester Two, First Session, 2008 – 2009
READING 3 (Items 13 – 20)
Read the text, and then complete Task 1 and Task 2.
For centuries, the Irula people of south-east India have hunted snakes and used this skill
to earn money for their families. Until recently, they usually killed the snakes and sold
them to local craftsmen, who used the snakes’ skin to make expensive products like
handbags, belts and shoes.
Then, in 1976, the Indian government introduced a law to protect wild animals. The
killing of snakes was no longer allowed, and suddenly the Irula people had lost their main
source of income. Many were forced to become farm-workers, or to leave their homes
and move to big cities in search of work. A traditional way-of-life was in danger.
However, a wildlife expert called Romulus Whitaker saw a way to help the Irula snakehunters.
He told them that if they only caught the snakes, it was not against the law.
They could continue to hunt snakes, as long as they did not kill them. But what could
they do with all these captured snakes? How could they earn money from them without
killing them? Who could they sell them to?
The answer was actually quite simple. India has a huge problem with poisonous snakes.
Every year, twenty-five thousand Indians die from snake bites. For this reason, the
government has set up laboratories which develop special medicines which can save the
lives of people who have been bitten. But in order to produce these medicines, the
scientists need to have large amounts of the snakes’ poison — which makes the ability to
catch snakes very useful indeed!
With Whitaker’s support, the Irula leaders had discussions with one of these laboratories,
which agreed to pay them for every poisonous snake they could catch. So the laboratory
now has enough snakes, and the Irulas earn far more than they used to earn from
snake-skins. And what happens to the snakes? After four weeks’ of ‘work’ providing
poison, they are released back into the wild, where they do something very useful —
they kill the rats which eat half of the crops grown by Indian farmers…
Task 1 For each question, write a short answer (not more than THREE WORDS).
13. In what part of India do the Irula people live? ____________
14. How many Indians are killed by snakes every year? ________________
15. What do the laboratories produce? _______________
16. How do snakes help farmers? ____________
Task 2 Choose the correct option: A, B or C.
17. Before 1976, the Irula people killed snakes for _____________.
A. food B. money C. medicine
18. In 1976, they stopped killing snakes because _____________.
A. they found better jobs B. it was against the law C. the snakes were extinct
19. After that, they were helped by _____________.
A. some businessmen B. the government C. some scientists
20. After the laboratories have finished with them, the snakes are _______________.
A. set free B. sold C. killed
Grade 12, English Language ‘B’ page 8
Semester Two, First Session, 2008 – 2009
Describe and comment on the picture. Write 20 – 30 words.
Write a PARAGRAPH about a famous mask called the Mbogdua Mask.
Use ALL the information in the box. Your paragraph should be correct and well-organised.
The Mbogdua Mask
painted/ bright colours National Museum, Kenya
balsa wood/ beautiful jewels used/ special ceremonies
discovered/ royal tomb/ 1978 Mbogdua tribe
Italian archaeologist/ Paolo Rossi
made/ 17th century rare/ very valuable
Complete the following task. Write at least 100 words.
Imagine that a national magazine for teenagers is running an English writing competition.
The theme of the competition is: “Teenagers Today”.
You have decided to enter the competition with an article on the following topic:
‘My favourite day of the week’.
In your article, explain why this particular day is your favourite.
Your article should be lively and interesting for your readers.
Write your answers on your answer paper.

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